3. Roles

“A woman’s place is in the home. “ “Men are the head of the household. “ “Gender isn’t real, it’s simply a social construct developed by a patriarchal society to divide and subjugate.” “Men and women play equal, yet different, roles in the home.” These are some positions a cursory scroll of social media today will reveal along the arc of the 21st century gender roles debate. And while sometimes it doesn’t seem like there are any up sides to the special needs parenting journey, there are. My favorite one is that I get to sidestep this discussion all together….

1. Denial

The world has gone ahead and lost its collective mind. People these days are too damn sensitive. This is the evolutionary thought that runs through the heads of fathers. To some degree, we can’t help ourselves. It’s a thought that’s rooted in thousands of years of bearing the responsibility of keeping the pack moving. Problems are things to be solved. Destinations are things to be reached. And so we keep our eyes downrange, beyond the edge of the campfire light to keep the wolves away. We fathers have important things on our minds. The general belief that people who lay…